A kind note to all using a commercial linen service

Recently there has been more linen and towels that have been stained or badly treated. This normally happens when larger family groups stay at properties, people using more sunscreen and self-tan during the summer holidays. 

I do my best to communicate any information to you if I think there is damage to items. However, my staff and I do not know if the stains are historic and known by the person in charge of the linen to decide if the item is good enough to use.

I do not offer a spot check stain removal service before laundry is loaded into the machine. Laundry is washed at 60°, we use the strongest detergent on the market as well as use a separate stain remover. In cases where items are heavily soiled and has not been cleaned properly, we rewash items on a hotter wash. This is why I state in my terms and conditions that light and dark colours are separated and no items that cannot be washed should ever be placed in hampers.  

Blood, make up, self-tan, coffee, dog paw prints and oily food stuffs normally permanently stain items especially if not rinsed in cold water or treated with stain remover as soon as possible. I would strongly recommend that whoever cleans the property check for stains, treat the item with stain remover and/or rinse blood with cold water. It increases the probability that stains will be removed if you also tell a member of the team if there are any items that needs attention, a hotter wash or that you would like us to add bleach to a white load of laundry, 

It is disappointing when items are permanently stained but it is not my fault that the above has not been removed in the wash. It is the person(s) fault that has caused the stain. My team and I try our hardest to give you clean, neatly press and folded, fresh smelling laundry. I will also do my best to communicate any issues I have found with your items. However, If you are unhappy with any stained items, use stain remover or soak the item and feel free to return to be rewashed. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter